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Our Granite Aggregates are used for many applications, including a base material for road construction, foundations, driveways, parking lots, playgrounds and shorelines. Brown's Quarry works in the private sector as well as industrial and commercial sites.

We provide Quarried Crushed Granite in sizes ranging from ⅝" crusher run to 4 - 8" gabion which is suitable for, landscaping, etc. Our Aggregates are supplied by the tonne, depending on the density of the rock fill, the final tonnage will vary according to the type of rock selected. There is no order too large or small. We will be happy to assist you on any project of any size. We pride ourselves on our customer service and a great product. Feel free to browse through our products. Don’t forget to call us today for prices.

We provide the following quarried granite aggregate products:

5/8" crusher run ­ type "M", 7/8" crusher run ­ type "A", 3/4" to 1" clear stone, 2" minus crusher run, 2" clear stone, 4" minus crusher run, 4" to 8" jaw rock, 4" to 8" gabion